The National Association of Responsible Firearm Owners (NARFO) has partnered  with the Wildman and Outdoor Group to afford members a broader range of benefits and a customer experience though the full value chain of owning a firearm. This includes access to training facilities for competencies, assistance with your application process, enjoy the benefits of the My Bonus scheme and the discounts, opt in to the RifleSure insurance product and you can finance your dream firearm through Peerfin.  Over and above this, members can also become dedicated hunters or sports persons and we can endorse your motivations.

NARFO  is an Accredited Hunting and Sports Shooting Association in terms of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000, is an non-political firearm owner association that strives to promote and protect the right of legal possession, safe and responsible use of firearms by any law abiding South African citizen for the purpose of self-protection, sport shooting, hunting or recreational use, conducting of business or being a collector or manufacturer.

We are passionate about firearms, it is our business.

The Executive team has been involved in the industry for the last 30 years and with more than 50 consultants within the Wildman Group, you have access to experts and a wealth of knowledge to engage with you through the full value chain of owning a firearm.

Contact Any Wildman today and speak to a consultant.

NARFO strongly believes that every law abiding citizen should have the right to own and use a firearm for legal purposes of their choice.
Our aim is to educate the general public on firearm safety, responsibilities of firearm ownership, keep our clients and the general public informed to ensure a firearm friendly environment.

We appose and will fight against any form of violence and especially firearm violence, illegal use and trade in firearms

The NARFO also has international affiliation with the following Associations:

NFA – The Canadian National Firearm Association

NRA – National Rifle Association of America

SCI – Safari Club International