Dedicated Hunter Application

Dedicated Hunter Application Process

To apply for a dedicated status, a member must first complete and pass the prescribed theoretical and practical exam and then complete the dedicated application form from the members area.

  • Practical exam must be shot at a shooting range using the “Seessment Target” and uploaded to the system. You need to achieve a 60% pass mark
    Refer to (annexure “E”)
  • Dedicated Hunter and / or Sports shooter theoretical assessment can be done online. You need to achieve a 70% pass mark
    Refer to (annexure “F”)
  • Fully completed application plus your motivation and additional supporting information where applicable.

Recognition of Prior Learning

NARFO will accept any dedicated status awarded to the applicant if the dedicated status was awarded by another South African accredited association and the member is still a member in good standing at the time of the application. Documentary proof of your current valid status and membership must be provided at the time of the application. These documents must also be uploaded through the online system.

Maintain your Dedicated Status

To maintain your dedicated status, a member must participate in at least TWO related activities per annum. This means two for dedicated Hunter and two for Sport Shooting.

The term related refers to activity that are related to either hunting or sport shooting activities which ever one is applicable. For dedicated hunter status, any hunting related activity, for dedicated sport shooting status, any of the prescribed sports shooting events.

Any member who has a dedicated status, must before 25 December of each year, submit the activity online with roof that they have complied with the minimum requirement as set out in this document.
By submitting the activity in the prescribed manner, the member automatically declares that the information submitted is true and correct and the association will accept it as such.

Any activity that is uploaded to the system is subject to approval.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the association to verify the bona fides of each dedicated member to remain an association in good standing. The association may at its own discursion verify the details of an activity that was submitted.

The onus remains on the member to keep in their possession, documentary proof of any activity which was submitted to remain a dedicated member.

In the event that a member has had unfortunate circumstances that none of the prescribed activities could be met, a submission with a motivation must be submitted, stating the reasons for non-compliance.
(Motivations will be accepted for extensive travels, sickness or health issues, firearm repairs which rendered the firearm unusable for the period)

An activity is deemed to be any activity which is advertised or participated in as one event. An event could be conducted over a period of more than one day, like a hunting excursion, and it will be deemed as ONE activity. The same goes for a shooting exercise which is conducted over more than one day, or multi discipline events for the same shooting event will still be seen as ONE activity.
The only exception is where the member participated in two or more completely unrelated events on one day in which case each will be seen as a separate activity.

Professional hunters who are also dedicated members cannot submit any professional hunting excursion as an activity to maintain dedicated status as this is specifically prohibited in terms of the act

Hunting Activities

Participation in any two related activities which may include,

  • Any legal hunting related or culling activity
  • Any related workshop, training course, lecture, presentation or practical course
  • Any attendance of any related expo, fair, show, auction or event
  • Any activity which involves the control of damage causing animals
  • Any load development activities, sighting in and setting up of your firearm
  • The NARFO sports shooting events on the official NARFO target
  • Any participation in any other formal sports shooting event hosted by any other accredited association.

Documentary proof includes the following:

  • Hunting license for the year of which the hunt took place for the particular province
  • Hunting invite from the farmer where the hunt took place
  • Carcass removal permit of the hunt
  • Any official signed target as provided by the association.
    • Targets must be signed by the range officer on duty
    • Range officer details must be captured on the target
    • Details of the shooting range needs to be captured on the target
    • Date and time of the shoot to be captured
  • Any attendance certificate or register of any related activity
  • Any formal results certificate of any related activity
  • Travel tickets for extended travel in case of non-compliance
  • Entry or exit markings on the member’s passport showing dates not in the country
  • Any gunsmith report showing the firearm being unserviceable for a period of time

Any medical records showing incapacity to participate in any of the activities