Hunter Practical Assessment

 Assessment Process for Dedicated Hunter

To apply for a dedicated status, a member must first complete and pass the prescribed practical assessment and theoretical exam then complete the dedicated application form.

  • The practical assessment target (DS Assessment Target) must be used for this exercise.
  • The target must be set up according to rules and the table below. See last column for the applicable status.
Firearm TypeCodeDistanceDedicated Hunter DHS
Dedicated Sport shooter DSS
Any Centre Fire Rifle (Bolt Action):CFRBA25mDHS & DSS
Any Rim Fire Rifle (Bolt Action):RFRBA25mDSS
Any Centre Fire Rifle (Semi Auto / Self Loading):CFRSA25mDSS
Any Handgun, Centre Fire:CFHG10mDHS & DSS
Any Handgun Rim Fire:RFHG10mDSS
Any Rim Fire Rifle (Semi Auto / Self Loading):RFRSA50mDSS
Any Big bore Calibre, 9,3mm and larger (Bolt Action):BBRBA50mDHS & DSS
Shotgun Hunting (over and under, side by side, pump action):SGHAny Shotgun DisciplineDHS & DSS
Shotgun (Semi Auto):SGSSporting DisciplinesDSS
  • If a Rifle or Hunting Handgun must be used for the assessment and you are required to shoot 5 shots in your own time to achieve a maximum of 50 points.
  • A minimum of 60% must be achieved as a pass mark for any of the assessment types
  • If the assessment is done using a shotgun, any of the known shotgun shooting events can be used (trap, skeet, sporting, compact sporting for dedicated Hunter status
  • For any of the rifle assessments, the exercise is shot from a shooting bench and only a front rest may be used. No back rests are allowed
  • All assessments should be done on a formal public shooting range.
  • Targets must be signed by the member and the range officer.