MJ Hood Feedback Request

Hi Everybody, again thank you for the tremendous resonse about semi auto refusals. Now I must ask the next obvious question because I believe in fairness ,balance and transparency [unlike Bopape]. I need to know who has been granted a licence for a self loading rifle or shotgun recently.This will enable me to compare the data I have received on refusals to determine if there is any correlation ie if I receive more approvals than refusals then perhaps SAPS are not acting unreasonably. Once again it is important that I receive feedback . In case anyone thinks I might benefit commercially from the information I have received here are some licencing tips I have derived from the responses so that future applicants or reapplicants can increase the possibility of approval .It appears that SAPS only look to see if you have a similar firearm eg a shotgun or a rifle. They are deliberately ignoring or do not know the difference between an over and under or side by side shotgun and a semi automatic shotgun that will be used for a sporting purpose that requires a self loading mechanism.Likewise a bolt action rifle according to them and irrespective of the calibre is sufficient for all purposes. Therefore you must literally draw pictures for them to show the mechanical differences and the purpose for which you require not only the new firearm but why your existing firearm cannot do what the new firearm can. Do not rely on endorsements that simply state “sportshooting” and dont contain or provide more detail as to the purpose of the firearm. This is not a criticism of Associations because they are complying with an agreement they have with the police, it is the police that are in breach of that agreement. You need to amplify on the contents of your endorsement in your actual motivation to the point whee you must declare the discipline and class of use for the firearm. FEEDBACK PLS !!!