N18009 Proposed Amendments to the FCA

Please read the proposed amendments to the firearms control act.
There are always tell tale signs that indicates when a government wants to disarm it’s citizens. This is one of them where they want to scrap section 13 and 14 of the current act. Its starts with one type of firearm and then they go for the next and the next. Happened in the UK and Australia.
The UK is now at a tipping point where it wants to ban knives, and in so doing, totally disarming it’s citizens.
The proposed amendments is a clear sign of where our government wants to go, disarming of the general public. !!!

Short summary of the proposal: (NOTE – this is just a proposal and NOT in effect)

Section 13 and 14 to be repealed which in turn means that self defense will no longer be a valid reason for owning a firearm.
Maximum of 2 handguns allowed for section (16) Dedicated sport shooter and a maximum of 8 firearms in total if you are a dedicated person.
You will need a medical certificate accompanying your application.
Ballistic testing will now be mandatory although it has been proven to be ineffective all over the world.
All muzzle loading firearms will now need a license and not just a competency.
More onus will be put on accredited association in terms of new applications.

Now is the time to join a firearms association


See below the response from the Office of the Portfolio Committee Chairman Francois Beukman

Parliament, Wednesday, 17 October 2018 – The Portfolio Committee on Police has not received any formal referral with regard to the Fire-Arms Amendment Bill from the Executive that relates to private firearm ownership.

The Chairperson of the committee, Mr Francois Beukman reacted this afternoon after various stakeholders directed letters to the committee with regard to a dated internal departmental draft document proposing certain amendments to the current firearm legislation.

Mr Beukman said that the departmental processes with regard to the Fire-Arms Amendment Bill are still underway and no referral was tabled in Parliament.

“The only draft legislation that is before the committee is a Private Members Bill from Mr Pieter Groenewald that proposes certain technical amendments to the Fire-Arms Amendment Bill,” Mr Beukman clarified.

Interest groups and gun-owners must await the formal publishing of the draft legislation once it is finalised by the Department and Cabinet.

“It is indeed premature and not correct to over react to a dated internal document without formal status and without approval by the Executive,” Mr Beukman said.

The committee will await the formal tabling of the said legislation. Mr Beukman said once the Firearms Amendment Bill is tabled all relevant parties will be given the necessary opportunity for input.


For media enquiries or interviews with the Chairperson, please contact the committee’s Media Officer:

Name: Malatswa Molepo (Mr)
Parliamentary Communication Services
Tel: 021 403 8438
Cell: 081 512 7920
E-mail: mmolepo@parliament.gov.za

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