NARFO Hunting

By joining NARFO Hunting, you allow yourself to further your interest in hunting and conservation and related activities and enable one to engage with like-minded people establishing relationships locally and nationally.  By joining, you demonstrate your commitment to advance your field of interest and to ensure your ability to connect with mainstream professionals and amateur hunters where information is freely shared.

Any organization is only as strong as its members and the participation capacity of its members. Strength can only come in numbers and give us the hunter national representation and the ability to enter into negotiations on a national level with government and legislators.

It is important that we stand together in unity and fight for our right to hunt as a group. During the implementation of the new firearms act, the resistance came from organizations like CHASA and SA Hunters and other accredited hunting associations to ensure that we have a say and that we are heard and to secure our future of hunting. This can only be achieved by growing the numbers and being serious about hunting and conservation.

NARFO is well placed in the industry to represent those hunters who believe in sustainable utilization and who wants to secure hunting in the future for the youth of today.

It is also the aim of NARFO to have well informed and capable members. This is institutionalized through continuous communication with members, sharing of information, regular member participation of workshops and training sessions and forming lasting relationships with other industry role players.

NARFO has an excellent management team made up of representatives and full time staff to execute the day to day functions of the organization