The National Association of Responsible Firearm Owners (NARFO) is committed to work with its clients and members, authorities and government departments, other associations, anti-firearm community, national and international bodies to promote the use of firearms in a responsible manner for hunting, sport shooting and self-defence. Our aim is to education and create awareness on the application of firearms for the intended use, actively working to towards eradicating any illegal possession or use of any firearms, be it for hunting, sport shooting or self-defence.
Our further aim is that after successful application and approval of competency and firearm licence by a member, we engage with the member to further educate, train and provide the necessary exposure and guidance in terms of hunting, sport-shooting and self-defence.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Actively engage with firearm owners and potential firearm owners through our partnerships
  • Promote the regular responsible and safe use of legal firearms
  • Actively engage and work with all SAPS departments
  • Provide assistance with the application process for competency, licencing and ownership
  • Encourage responsible firearm owners to provide information of any illegal activity
  • Assist law abiding responsible firearm owners to comply with and adhere to the provisions as set out in the Firearms Control Act
  • Provide training and education, guidance and expert advice relating the use of legal firearms for its intended use
  • Actively lobby to protect the right of legal firearm and responsible ownership
  • Actively keep the responsible firearm owner informed of any firearm related information, changes to the act, government gazette publications relating to the possession of any firearm as well as be a single point of contact for our members and the general public to answer any questions and provide guidance relating the ownership and possession of any firearm
  • Promote a positive image of a responsible firearm owner
  • Promote sport-shooting for recreational and competitive purposes though internal structures and competitions and opportunities as well as promote other associations sport-shooting activities with the intent to expose new firearm owners to a wide range of shooting disciplines.
  • Promote hunting as a sustainable conservation tool for recreational or trophy hunting.
  • Actively engage and affiliate with like-minded national and international bodies to disseminate information related to hunting activities to further promote the image of the hunter amongst our members and provide the necessary exposure to enable this
  • Promote a positive image of a responsible firearm owner