Occasional Sport Shooter

In terms of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000, any firearm owner may apply for a license under Section 15 of the act to become an Occasional Sport Shooter.

Occasional Sport Shooter are the less serious shooter who shoot mostly for recreational purposes or someone who would like to become more serious about a specific discipline and first want to get into the sport or it could be that a person does not always have the time to participate in formal activities due to other commitments.

Occasional Sport Shooters also do not have to submit activities on an annual basis to maintain their status.

Occasional Sport Shooters, unlike Dedicated Sport Shooters, may not have in their possession more than 200 rounds of ammunition per license. Occasional Sport Shooters are still limited to only four firearms.

Also note the restriction on the firearms licensed under this section.

Section 15

  • (1)(a) a handgun which is not fully automatic
  • (1)(b) rifle or shotgun which is not fully or semi automatic

Occasional is exactly what it means, you shoot occasionally and do not have to formally belong to any club.

Applying to a license under Section 15 would still require a motivation to be submitted stating the intended purpose of the firearm.