Policies on various subjects will be published from time to time.

A responsible firearm owner is a law-abiding citizen that strives to promote the safe and responsible use of any legal firearm. adheres to the code of conduct and disciplinary code.


As a firearm owners association, NARFO promotes any legal use of firearms and this includes hunting activities. For some people, hunting can be a controversial and sensitive topic. As per our constitution, we do not discriminate against any firearm owner and this includes hunters. NARFO supports ethical hunting in a sustainable legal manner.


NARFO South Africa embraces the digital age and encourage members to have some form of online device to engage with the association for some of the services we provide. Although you can visit any Wildman store and speak to a consultant, or contact one of our representatives, our services is digitised. These include online assessments, license renewal system, activity record keeping, dedicated hunter and sport shooting application and status and general communication and renewal of membership as well as all membership letters and records.

Our only form of communication is electronic interaction with the web, emails and via our social media platform.


Every member needs to renew their membership on an annual basis. The renewal date is linked to your inception date.  Once your membership reaches the expiry date and you have not renewed, your profile will be locked. You will not be able to access any of the documents, information, proof of membership and if a dedicated status has been awarded, you will not have access to this documentation.