Sport Shooting Rules

Sport Shooting Rules

We encourage our members to participate in sport shooting events of the association and that of other sport shooting associations.

The postal sport shoot is open to all members,and is also used to maintain a members dedicated sport shooting status.

You do not have to be a Dedicated Sports Person to participate in the annual postal sport shooting competition.

The postal shoot can be shot multiple times with different firearms and calibers and across multiple disciplines, however, ranking will be done in accordance with the type of firearm used and the discipline.

NOTE: To qualify for the postal sport shooting competition, and be listed on the National Ranking,  you need to shoot Three Targets on three different Occasions or Two Disciplines  of other association with the same firearm type.

See rules in your members section under downloads

  • NARFO Sport Shooting Rules
    • The Sport Shooting target must be used (It can be downloaded from the members profile section)
    • You are required to shoot 10 shots per target with a maximum of 100 points per target
    • The target must be signed by the member and the range officer
      • Any Center Fire Rifle (Any Action): Target to be placed at 100m
      • Any Rim Fire Rifle (Any Action): Target to be placed at 50m
      • Any Handgun, Center Fire and Rim Fire: Target to be placed at 10m
      • Any Hunting Handgun: Target to be placed at 50m
      • Any Lever Action Rifle: Target to be placed at 50m
      • Any Big bore Caliber, 9,3mm to 50cal (Bolt Action): Target to be placed at 100m
      • Any Big bore rifle, (Break Action): Target to be placed at 50m
      • Shotgun, any of the known shot gun competitions: As per discipline rules
    • For any of the rifle shoots, center fire and rim fire, the competition is shot from a shooting bench or the prone position, and only a front rest may be used. No back rests are allowed
    • All the handgun shooting competitions must be done from the standing position with no support except in the case of a hunting handgun where a rest is allowed.
  • Participation in a recognized shooting discipline of another association.
    • Our aim is to expose our members to other sport shooting disciplines and we encourage participation.
    • Any other shoot hosted by any other association must be done in accordance with those rules. In this case the NARFO score card or your range card of the hosting association must be completed and signed by the match director of that shoot, or a photo of your scorecard or range card as used on the day of the shoot can be uploaded. See NARFO Competition Score Card (J) in the download section should you use this option.
  • General Rules
    • Firearm categories must be selected for each event.
    • Sport Shooting competition runs from 1 March to 28 February of each year.
    • Results will be published on an annual basis
    • Targets and or score cards must be scanned and uploaded to the NARFO website and members profile via the members area section. Use the add activity under activities section of the members area.
      (Note: either take a photo of your target or range card or scan as PDF from a normal printer or use any of the mobile apps like “Office Lens” to scan and upload.

Recognized Shooting Disciplines

We have created a list of sport shooting disciplines and links to the rules of these shoots. Most of these associations allow visitors to shoot in their events. Study the rules before entering for any of these matches. These associations will also gladly assist new comers and show them the ropes.


CTSASA – Clay Target Shooting Association of South Africa

SAHRSA – South African Hunting Rifle Shooting Association

SABU – South African Bisley Union

SAMSSA – South African Metallic Silhouette Shooting Association

SABSF – South African Bench Rest Federation

SADPA – South African Defense Pistol Association

SAPSA/IPSC – South African Practical Shooting Association

SACRA – South African Combat Rifle Association

IDPA – International Defense Pistol Association

NRL SA – National Rifle League South Africa

XSSSA – Extreme Steel Shooting South Africa

SAPSF – South African Pin Shooting Federation

PRS SA – Precision Rifle Series South Africa

WSSA – Western Shooters of South Africa

Mastershot – Mastershot Series South Africa

3 Gun – 3 Gun Nation South Africa

Steel Challenge – Steel Challenge South Africa

SAPF – South African Pistol Federation

SAARA – South African Air Rifle Federation

SAHGA – South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association Multi Discipline

BASA – Big Bore Association of South Africa

BPSU – Black Powder Shooting Union of South Africa

SAPSSF – South African Precision Sport Shooting Federation

LRSC – Long Range Shooting Club

SAWSA – SA Wingshooters Association