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The National Association of Responsible Firearm Owners (NARFO) operates as an Accredited Hunting and Sports Shooting Association under the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000. We have the authority to award dedicated hunters or sports persons status to our members and endorse their motivations. Our association, non-political in nature, actively promotes and safeguards the rights of law-abiding South African citizens for the legal possession, safe and responsible use of firearms. Our focus encompasses self-protection, sport shooting, hunting, recreational use, business activities, as well as firearm collecting and manufacturing.

With over 30 years of industry involvement, our Executive team, along with a partner program consisting of more than 80 consultants across 40 partners, ensures that our members have access to experts and a wealth of knowledge throughout the entire process of firearm ownership. We believe in actively collaborating with our members, authorities, government departments, other associations, the anti-firearm community, and national and international bodies. Our goal is to promote the responsible use of legal firearms for hunting, sport shooting, self-defense, and other lawful applications.

Our aim is to educate and create awareness on the ownership and use of firearms.

Education and awareness are key aspects of our mission. We aim to equip firearm owners with comprehensive information on the Firearms Control Act, licensing and renewal procedures, distinguishing between lawful and illegal activities, the rights of firearm owners, and the responsibilities associated with owning a firearm for any legal purpose. Through partnerships with service providers, we offer assistance to our members throughout the entire value chain of firearm ownership.

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