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Join Our Exclusive Marketplace and Showcase Your Brand

How It Works:

Our marketplace operates on a distinct model. We select and add products or services that align with our commitment to quality, uniqueness, and value. In exchange for showcasing your offerings on our platform, we request that our members receive exclusive benefits.

Why Choose Us:

  1. Exclusivity: Unlike traditional online stores, we prioritize exclusivity. We carefully curate our selection to avoid redundancy, ensuring that our members have access to a diverse range of unique products and services.
  2. No Advertising Fees: We believe in fostering partnerships without financial barriers. There are no advertising fees associated with featuring your brand on our platform.
  3. Promotional Opportunities: Periodically, we actively promote the products and services featured on our marketplace, providing additional visibility and reach for your brand.

Eliminating Competition:

To enhance the experience for both advertisers and members, we strive to limit the presence of similar products or services. This approach minimizes competition and allows each brand to shine uniquely.

How to Join:

If you are interested in showcasing your brand on our exclusive platform, kindly fill out our online application form. We request a few details about your products or services.
NOTE: Someone from our office be in contact with you to discuss your application.

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In case of multiple locations, please supply the head office address.
Select the Provinces that you Operate in
Select all the provinces that you provide your services or products. We need this information to determine the coverage of certain suppliers to minimize direct competition.
Would you provide members with discounts or other benefits?
We require that advertisers, that part of our Marketplace program, provide members with some benefit or discount on products or services. There are no charges for successful applicates to advertise on our Marketplace platform. All benefits are channeled directly to our members making use of such products or serives.
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