As a member of NARFO, the national Association of Responsible Firearm Owners, you are expected to adhere to our code of conduct and policies, as well as any other by-laws that may be introduced. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the termination of your membership, with no compensation or refund of any fees paid.

Upon termination of your membership, all forms of support, negotiations, applications, and endorsement, dedicated statuses or any other benefit will cease. The association reserves the right and duty to inform relevant authorities of any changes in membership status and provide necessary documentation to support the termination.

The following actions are considered serious offenses and will result termination of membership:
– Engaging in behavior that discredits the association
– Violating any provision of The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act 108 of 1996, a National Act or Provincial Act of the Republic of South Africa, FIREARMS CONTROL ACT, 2000, any Regulations promulgated thereunder, or any Provincial Ordinance, where such violation is relevant to any of the policies and objectives of the Association
– Providing false information related to any firearm-related information or during the application process for membership
– Falsifying any document of the association
– Failing to disclose any material changes in facts during the membership period or any criminal record that may have been imposed on a member.

The decision to terminate a member’s membership lies solely with the chairman of the association and is considered final.

By becoming a member of our association, you agree to abide by our disciplinary code and policies.

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